Users Start Using Indian App After China’s 59 Apps Get Banned

Most users of India’s video streaming, news and lifestyle apps have risen fivefold within six days of China’s 59 app ban. Users of ShareChat’s short video app MOJ have crossed 50 lakhs in the collision with Tiktok six days ago. Although the Lifestyle app will have 12 million downloads in just five days, it is showing more than five times a boom. These app companies also stepped up preparations for investing in AI machine learning, with an emphasis on the likes and dislikes of users, so that Chinese apps will not again invade digital space.

Over 100 million share chat users downloading share chat have increased by five lakhs an hour. It has attracted over 35 million new users to its website within six days. Tiktok, Hello, Wego Video and the ban on Likey have helped him directly. Tiktok had 20 million, and Laiki ‘s users were 11.5 million Indian. Sharechat’s over one billion WhatsApp shares happen every day.

Video sharing app Roposo has also earned more than six lakh users an hour in Roposo, reaching more than 25 million users in six days. After the ban on the Chinese app, its website shares 40-50 lakh videos daily. Roposo CEO Mayank Bhangadia said earlier, six to seven new lakh users were added each week to his website, which is happening now in a day.

Sparking  Crosses 1 Cr in a Week

Sparking crosses one crore a week from 5.5 lakh users in a week Sparking app has crossed 1.1 million. Displayed in over ten languages, this app ranks in the Playstore ‘s top ten. By the end of this month, the company will cross 100 million users. On her website, 150 million videos are viewed per week.

Local news is becoming increasingly popular on UC News, Chinese language app UC News, local news giving local news. This is the first app that provides up to panchayat level data. Its active users have risen by 40%, and are expected to reach all the country’s 730 districts.

The trail has become an alternative to Instagram: The Swadeshi lifestyle app has become a perfect alternative to English language devices such as Trail Instagram. On all this, you can talk about all the topics like food, fashion, Indian language travel. As per TRAIL CEO Pulkit Aggarwal, the monthly active users have increased by five times to five million with daily active users increasing. More than 2.2 lakh content creators are connected with an influencer network.

Kuo Ranks Top 10

Ku’s micro-blogging news platform, the Indian alternative Ku (Koo) app on Twitter, has also expanded rapidly. In the last three months, Kuo News has been in the top ten rankings in the mobile ranking. It is home to more than three lakh people. Disturbed by trolling on Twitter, people are turning to it even more. Speak India also increased users of short video sharing device Bolo India four times in a week. It has over one million updates to it. Vocal App is a forum for answering any question in ten languages, and it is now an alternative to Kora. It is home to more than 30 million users.

Through machine learning, artificial intelligence, we should bring full force on research and development so Indian users don’t experience any shortage. We’ve doubled recruitment and we’re offering a major earning forum to the customers.

Pulkit Agarwal, CEO of Trail

We will use the opportunity we have to develop the app according to Indian users’ preference and thought, so they don’t have to go somewhere else again. Our focus will be on growth and research.

Mayank Bhangadia, CEO Roposo

Such. popularity cross 50 lakhs MoJ users add 3 crores, new users, in just six days, and within six days more than 25 million users add from the platform’s share chat.

Strategy-Chinese does not require re-entering of the device. Artificial intelligence leveraging the talents of seasoned IT experts returning from the U.S. and other countries; partnerships for machine learning with international companies to collaborate with U.S.-Israeli companies for 5 G digital infrastructure compatible. Work on making user friendly, so that even if the user leaves, the Chinese client does not return.

The wide portal to the Preparedness Job Path, Roposo like applications on his site doubled hiring IT professionals. It is the ability to monetize the video instead of users like Tiktok. Laiki involved in hiring regional language experts Lifestyle, Entertainment App Digital Influenshars. In an attempt to interact with the payment framework. Planning for 5 G: even in 5 G, planning for a common digital platform. It is to compete with China by investing in venture capitalists. Also, such as Mahindra, Ratan Tata, gaining funding through venture capital for digital innovation.

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