Union Home Ministry Released Unlock-3 Guidelines

The Union Home Ministry has released Unlock-3 Guidelines. The ban on people travelling at night lift during this period. Yoga institutes and gyms open from August 5th. All crowd management activities continue to prohibit including financial, political, sporting, entertainment, academic, economic, religious, etc.

Schools, universities, and institutes of coaching also order to remain closed until 31 August. Restrictions on metro rail, cinema hall, swimming pool, amusement park, theatre, restaurant, auditorium, assembly hall and other such places will continue, according to the guidelines. All activities are other than these restrictions at locations outside the Containment Zone permit.

The third unlock process allow Independence Day events to coordinated with guidelines that meet social distancing and other health standards. The health guidelines issued by the Union Home Ministry along with rules such as wearing masks will be mandatory during this time.

The lockout in Containment Zone will remain solely in effect until August 31. Only requires facilities and activities allowing at certain places during this period. Containment zones report on the districts and states websites respectively. Strict surveillance guidelines issue here.

Along with this, under the Vande Bharat Mission, the Home Ministry has limitedly permitted foreign air travel. The ministry has said other international flights will begin movement in a phased manner.

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