TikTok Reads All iPhone Users Clipboards and Dangers your Privacy

Once again Chinese app TikTok is in controversy. There’s always been a ruckus with TikTok over privacy. This time something similar happened, too. TikTok reads all iPhone users’ clipboards even though he didn’t need them.

Recently launched Apple’s beta version of iOS 14. Since the update to iOS 14, TikTok read all sorts of content that was copied to the iPhone. For instance, if you copied a message, it was then automatically pasted into TikTok.

It was spied on in some way, while TikTok has now stopped reading the clipboard. Please say if you copy anything to your computer, it will be saved in the clipboard itself. Since the release of iOS 14, the app has been reading content copied by users of the iPhone.  Apple had also issued a security patch with iOS 14, which revealed the poll on the app. Otherwise, nobody knew about it. Apple had a security patch feature that told which apps are reading the clipboard ‘s content on the phone.

Ticketlock has now modified the latest edition on the Apple app store, after which the app does not read the clipboard any more. Apart from the app, the clipboard also read applications such as AccuWeather, Call of Duty Mobile and Google News.

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