South Korea Starts Universal Super High-Speed Internet Service: 100 Mbps

South Korea has recently started providing super high-speed internet services for the country that allows worldwide and convenient access to online data.

“High-speed Internet has been classified as a universal service that everyone has the right to receive, regardless of where they are”, said the Ministry of Science and ICT. The ministry also added that this move makes the country, as the eighth universal high-speed internet provided to all citizens in the world, but the transmission speed of 100 Mbps is the fastest so far.

“The ministry said that the top fixed-line operator in the country, KT Corp was tasked with supplying the existing infrastructure that did not benefit from coverage in the past”, reported by Yonhap news agency.

The US, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Malta, Croatia, and Sweden have all launched a universal internet service, although the average speed available is 10 Mbps for the U.S. many others getting access speeds of just 1 to 2 Mbps.

South Korea does not receive support from so-called dead zones, where there are no or limited services, in rural and fishing communities, as well as in isolated homes in mountainous regions. The country also has some 880,000 older buildings that do not have the necessary high-speed internet infrastructure.

Director-General of Ministry’s Network and Telecommunications Policy Office, Hong Jin-bae said that this move will address the issues around internet dead spots, and will effectively put an end to the “data division” that existed between people with access to the latest internet infrastructure and those without access.

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