Passengers who Booked Tickets will Get Refund

Since the COVID situation is not cooling down in the country, some Indian railway regulations have been passed. IRCTC Special trains will run and trains like Mail / Express trains, passengers. Also, suburban service stands cancel until August 12. Passengers that have already booked their Express / Passenger Train tickets. It is for both the journey date from 01.07.20 to 12.08.20 will receive a full refund.

The 230 Irctc special trains that were in the run during the lockout, however, will proceed, the national transporter said. On 12 May and 1 June, respectively, special Rajdhani and Special Mail/Express services launch. As per the IRCTC, passengers who booked their daily train tickets before or on 14 April. It refund in full earlier this week. Reservations of a daily train ticket cancel for a date 120 days. It is after 14 April 2020, and IRCTC will immediately initiate a full refund.

30 Rajdhani-like AC trains initially introduce, and after 1 June the IRCTC began 200 more trains. Like officials, the restrict special suburban services that recently starting in Mumbai. It is to ferry critical services workers established by local authorities will also continue to operate. In addition, the Ministry of Railways said that apart from these, the operation of Shramik Special trains. It continues to regulate by local state governments in compliance with existing protocols.

The government said today that over 66 lakh Indians were travelling intra-state from April 30 to May 12. It indicates a large number of people coming to their homes during the time, according to PTI data.

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