Parents Against the Reopening of Schools and Colleges Across India

Schools and colleges have been closed for nearly five months and given the ever-increasing cases of coronavirus in the region, the reopening of educational institutions is not clear.

In the face of serious conditions resulting from Coronavirus, there is concern about the reopening of schools and colleges around the world. In the recent past, despite the ever-increasing cases of coronavirus infection, it is suspected that the government has no plan to open educational institutions. Meanwhile, the reopening of schools from September 1 is coming in wide news. Due to this, if schools reopen from September 1, then parents aren’t in favour of sending their children for research to school.

In reality, it was revealed in a survey that 62 per cent of parents would not send children to study in the event of the opening of schools and colleges from September 1. 23 per cent of the parents in the survey said they have no problem sending their children to kindergarten, according to the TimesNow report. At the same time, 15 per cent of parents have not yet reached any outcome on this topic. Please notify us that educational institutions in the country including schools and colleges are closed for around five months due to the Coronavirus.

The Central Government, however, has not yet declared any date for the school to open. Under the previous government order, schools nationwide must remain closed until August 31. In such a situation there were rumours that as of 1 September schools will be opened in a staggered manner, but these rumours have been denied by the Ministry of Education. It is obvious in such a situation that the government has no intention of opening schools as of September 1.

Schools in UP were reopened, the figures are not promising. According to the study, about one lakh Kovid 19 children were infected within two weeks of school opening in the US. At the same time, Coronavirus has spread in Berlin, Germany, at 41 campuses.

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