Minneapolis Police Station Burned by Angry Protesters over Black Man’s Death

On the third night of protests over the death of an unarmed black man in custody, a Minneapolis police station was burnt. The unrest continued despite the Minnesota governor having ordered hundreds of National Guard members to be mobilized to restore order. President Donald Trump said George Floyd, 46 died on Monday, as “thugs” were “dishonouring the memory”. Video shows him gasping for air as a cop knelt on his back.

Mr Floyd’s relatives have been seeking murder charges against the four police officers involved in his death. But prosecutors have confirmed that they are still gathering evidence. The incident has contributed to long-standing outrage over police killings of black Americans, such as the recent Kentucky case of Breonna Taylor. Protesters in Chicago, Los Angeles and Memphis, too, took to the streets. Multiple buildings burned to the ground or robbed in the last few days.

Police officers fired tear gas and rubber bullets on Thursday as they tried to disperse a crowd outside the 3rd Precinct, the epicentre of the violence. But demonstrators finally breached the cordon around the police station, which set fire to it and two other nearby houses, as officers retreated.

Donald Trump Comes in Action

In a statement, the Minneapolis Police Department said the 3rd Precinct had been cleared shortly after 22:00 in the interests of our staff’s safety.

This advised people close to the building to step back for their own protection. At the behest of the mayors of Minneapolis and the neighbouring city of St Paul, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz activated the National Guard troops of the State, calling the situation a “peace-time emergency.” He said Wednesday night’s theft, vandalism, and arson had caused damage to many businesses including minority-owned ones.

President Donald Trump criticizes talking about the Thursday’s violence on a “lack of leadership” in Minneapolis and threatens that he is sending in the National Guard if Major Jacob Frey refuses to take control of the area. Earlier the White House press secretary said Mr Trump was really angry when he saw the video of the death of Mr Floyd.

Criminal Charges Filed Against Officers

On Wednesday Mayor Frey calls for criminal charges against the police officer who in video with Mr Floyd down. He already shoots along with the three other officers involving in the arrest. The Minnesota Police Handbook notes that under its use-of-force policy, officers training conducts. It is in how to compress the neck without applying excessive pressure to the airway can use a knee. This is a non-deadly-force option.

The incident resembles the case of Eric Garner who, in 2014. It is in a New York police chokehold. His death became a rallying cry in the Black Lives Matter movement against police brutality and a catalyst. They started on Tuesday afternoon when hundreds of people gathered at the intersection where even the incident had occurred.

The crowd grew into the thousands during Wednesday’s second night of protests. It is with demonstrators pelting rocks and some throwing tear-gas canisters back at police. Outside the police station, a standoff with officers creating a human barricade to keep demonstrators from getting in. Mr Floyd ‘s brother, Philonise Floyd, expected death penalty for the officers involved.

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo Apologizes 

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo apologized for the pain, devastation and trauma caused. It is by the death of Mr Floyd and state that his department contributes to the city’s “hope deficit.”

United Nations human rights chief Michelle Bachelet also condemned the death of Mr Floyd. He said it is necessary to recognize and address the role of entrenched. Also, pervasive racial discrimination.

Many celebrities and athletes have also expressed outrage at the incident, including John Boyega, LeBron James, Beyonce and Justin Bieber.

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