Indian Railways Terminates Contract with Chinese Firm

Indian Railways has terminated the contract of the Chinese firm in the Dedicated Freight Corridor estimated at Rs 471 crore, according to the latest report. Read out the inside details.

During ongoing Indian-Chinese conflict. Another big decision was made by the Government. This time the railway ministry took the call. The Indian Railways undertaking Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation Limited has terminated the ongoing contract with Beijing National Railway Research and Development Institute of Signal and Communication Company Limited, a Chinese company.

In addition, in the 417 km section between Kanpur to Deen Dayal Upadhyay railway line, this Chinese company assigns the function of Signalling & Telecommunication. This work worth Rs 471 crore and grants under contract to this Chinese farm. Cost of the deal finances by a World Bank loan. Yet according to the railways, just 20 per cent of the work completes by the Chinese firm even after four years of awarding the contract. The contract expired as a result.

Not only this but the demand for the boycott of Chinese products and the country’s services has gained momentum. The Government of India’s Department of Telecommunications has agreed that Chinese goods. It avoids upgrading BSNL’s 4G. The ministry asks BSNL not to use Chinese goods for security reasons. In this regard, the Department decided to rework the tender. They also tell private mobile service operators to reduce their reliance on Chinese company-made devices.

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