Indian-American Democratic Congressman Joins White House Board to Fight COVID

Indian-American Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna has been named to the coronavirus board of the White House to combat the deadly disease in the United States, which has seen an unprecedented number of deaths in the past two days. Mr Khanna, 43, is the first Indian-American congressman to be named to the Opening Up America Again Congressional Team of the White House, which comprises both Republican and Democratic congressmen.

The group’s first meeting took place over a conference call Thursday. The discussion covered several subjects, including the need for increased support for the Paycheck Security Program, the foreign and domestic supply chains, strategies to improve the economy, unexpected medical billing, clarifying the distinction between critical and non-essential workers, mental wellbeing, and small business relief, the White House said in a reading of the call.

According to a count by Johns Hopkins University, the reported death toll for coronavirus in the United States reached 32,917 Thursday. It has reported more than 667,800 cases of coronavirus in the United States. The group also addressed the increasingly increasing access to COVID-19 diagnosis and antibody testing, ventilators, face masks, and other PPE kits.

Trump Expresses his Happiness

US President Donald Trump was happy to hear such constructive reviews. It is from representatives on the work doing by the administration to keep America safe and stable. Also, thanked them for their participation, he said. Mr Khanna said he will continue to fight as a Council member to get working-class Americans. It helps them have to get to the other side of COVID-19.

The American people need the federal government to act, support and guidance. The Paycheck Insurance System for the Small Business Administration just ran out of the funds to keep Main Street afloat. Each week, he said, millions of Americans file for unemployment.

So, Mr Khanna is representing the 17th Congressional District in California. Thus, it is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, is in his second term. Mr Khanna taught economics at Stanford University, law at Santa Clara University and American jurisprudence. Also, at San Francisco State University before serving in Congress. He also has worked as a solicitor.

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