Former President Barack Obama Reacts on the Death of Unarmed Black Man

Former President Barack Obama remarked on the death of the unarmed black man George Floyd who died in police custody last week after an officer kept pressing his knee on his neck. In Minneapolis, demonstrations have erupted in response to Floyd ‘s death.

Mr Obama mentioned the coronavirus pandemic, stating that while Americans would like to go back to “normal” America in 2020, Floyd ‘s death “shouldn’t be” natural.

During his speech, as a reaction to Floyd ‘s death, Mr Obama shared parts of conversations he had with friends. He quoted part of an email he got from an African American middle-aged businessman.

He also said a friend had shared a 12-year-old Keedron Bryant’s original song about the realities of being a young Black man in America.

Mr Obama said officials in Minnesota would deal with the circumstances surrounding Floyd ‘s death. But that making a “new normal” free of discrimination was incumbent on everyone.

On Thursday President Trump said he felt “very, very badly” about the death of Floyd. Yet on Thursday evening, his language became more violent.

Twitter has flagged Mr Trump’s tweet for “glorifying violence” in breach of site rules. To which the President has threatened to shut down the social media.

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