Five Sites Pep Up for Final Phase of COVID Vaccine Human Trials

Five sites from across country are ready for both the third and final phase of Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 clinical trials vaccine, Biotechnology Department (DBT) Secretary Renu Swarup said on Monday. This is an essential step, as it is necessary to have data in the country before administering the vaccine to the Indians, Ms Swarup told PTI. Oxford and its partner AstraZeneca have selected the Serum Institute of India, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, to produce the vaccine once it is available. The results of the first two phases of the trials were published earlier this month.

The Pune-based SII has also sought permission from India’s Drugs Controller General (DCGI) to conduct Phases 2 and 3 of the potential vaccine’s human clinical trials. It had said earlier that it would start manufacturing the vaccine even before the final node, so it will be ready with large volumes once all permissions are granted to the vaccine.

The Announcement

Scientists announced on July 20 that the coronavirus vaccine developed by Oxford University remains safe. Also, induces a powerful immune response inside the body after the first step of “promising” clinical trials. It is against the deadly disease. Thus has infected more than 1,45 crore people worldwide and claimed more than six lakh lives. Doses of the vaccine give in April and May to 1,077 healthy adults aged between 18 and 55. Also, in five UK hospitals as part of Phase 1 clinical trial. Also, has results reported in The Lancet Medical Journal. The results show that they induced strong immune responses to the antibody. So, T-cell for up to 56 days after taking.

Scientists behind the trials found that, after a second dose, the response could be even greater. In phase 1 of human trials, a small number of people vaccine to test for safety. This also administers to test if it activates the immune system. In the second process, hundreds of patients administer grouped into categories. It includes children and the elderly to see how the vaccine behaves differently among them. The two steps are about human health and immunogenicity. The vaccine gives to thousands of people in the third process. In India, two indigenous vaccines – one from Zydus Cadila. The other from Bharat Biotech – have entered human trials in phase one.

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