E-Passport and It’s Different Features and Verification

The e-passport will have the Must Level Protection. There will be no cheating with this, and if it does happen, it will automatically be caught. Passport personal data will be stored in the chip.

E-passports will begin to be made in the country soon.

The Indian government is focusing ever more on electronic passports. That will speed up the passport verification process 10 times. It packs with a lot of great features too. Even the standard of the passport paper and its printing on it would be higher. It gives advanced protection functionality. The National Informatics Center and IIT Kanpur are partnering to establish e-passports. Passports print and assembled at Indian Security Press Nashik.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi state all over the world our Embassy and Consulate link to the Passport Seva Project. Work is also going on to issue chip-based e-passports, not just this but a step forward.

Passport Details

This passport’s speciality be that all passport holder details must check electronically. This e-chip passport will include all the details found on the passport’s first page.

There are also rumours that, in the coming days, passports will also become fully biometric. A passport with biometric characteristics should have your eye recognition fingerprint on it. The Aadhar card displays this facility. If the passport is biometric, getting into safety would be almost impossible. Biometric passports now exist in many countries around the world. Biometric passport service already is available in countries such as Germany and Italy.

Other key features of e-passport

  • There will be covers on both sides of the e-passport.
  • A small silicon chip also gives in the back cover.
  • This chip will be smaller than the size postage stamp and it will have a rectangular antenna.
  • The chip will have a memory space of 64 kilobytes, in which the passport holder’s photograph and fingerprints store.
  • The chip will have the ability to store information for 30 visits.
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