Coronavirus Cases Spike Up in a Day

Coronavirus cases in India have crossed the three lakh-mark as it continues to witness nearly 10,000 cases daily. The virus has spread rapidly and over a large part of the last two weeks. The country has marked significant and consecutive highest jumps in the COVID-19 tally. India’s COVID-19 count has reached a new record. It is hitting the lakh-mark of 3,09, while the death toll is now near the 9,000-mark.

Maharashtra remains the epicentre of the spread of coronavirus where the number of cases has recently witnessed. It is an even larger increase. Maharashtra has the highest number of cases. It is with more than one lakh-positive infection cases and more than 3,700 deaths, according to the Health Ministry. Over the past 24 hours, as many as 3,493 new COVID-19 cases have been reported from the State.

Shopping malls, religious locations, hotels, and restaurants have now reopened from earlier this week. It is after more than two months of prolonged lockdown in most states. The new reopening process, known as ‘Unlock 1,’ is taking an economic focus. The government plans to be cautious in enforcing the lockout. It is in specific locations so that the country’s economic operation as a whole no longer takes hits.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Union also issued the standard operating procedure (SOPs). It is for malls, restaurants, and hotels as these establishments open under relaxed guidance. But a lot of specifics leave to the state’s discretion to finetune too.

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