China Withdraws Troops at Three Places, Tents Removed

China withdraws troops by at least one kilometer in three places in Ladakh as the tense situation arises at Galwan River Valley on June 15 when 20 soldiers were killed in action in a deadly brawl with Chinese troops, sources said Monday. Indian soldiers pull back, and according to the sources a buffer zone create between the two sides’ troops.

The Chinese are no longer in Galwan Indian Territory, sources say; the two sides, according to sources, removing temporary structures built by Chinese soldiers at the illegally occupied site on the river-bend embankment. There are some signs that China has begun to de-escalate from the Pangong Fingers area. According to reports, the Chinese military demolishes tents and structures near the site of the conflict, and vehicles withdrawing from the area, as well as at Hot Springs and Gogra – two other disputed border zones.

China on Withdrawal

That part exclude on the conversation in Beijing ‘s official note. China says front-line troops are taking “effective steps” to disengage and relieve tensions in the Galwan Valley and make “progress.”

On June 30th the third round of talks between Indian and Chinese army commanders continued for 12 hours. During the talks, a two-week duration provide for the de-escalation process. So the Chinese ‘s physical withdrawal to their side is complete by around July 14th. Subsequent military talks will take place only after that, the sources said.

Recent satellite images showed many Chinese intrusions across the LAC and heavy-weapons deployment and Chinese construction activity. The images had indicated that 423 meters of Indian territory in the Galwan Valley. It had been illegally occupied by the Chinese. Photos from Planet Labs obtained by NDTV showed a major convergence of Chinese forces. It is in the Pangong Lake area of Ladakh. It is where Indian soldiers prevent from patrolling. Thus, after violent skirmishes in May, in which dozens of Indian soldiers wounded.

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