Amazon Expands Flex Service Horizons to 35 Cities

Last year Amazon launched the Flex service in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi in 2019. But it will roll up to 35 cities this year.

Amazon is one of several people’s favourite Websites. As it offers its single customer a wide range of choices. And now Amazon is expanding its horizons offering people a chance to earn by working part-time. Although last year the earning opportunity began in cities such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi where people have the opportunity to earn up to Rs 120-140 per hour in their free time.

But now, Amazon India has revealed that the Amazon Flex delivery service is expanding to more than 35 cities across the country. This global delivery program was launched in June 2019 and aims to create part-time job opportunities where individuals are their own bosses, create their own timetables, and deliver packages at Rs 120 to 140 per hour to Amazon customers.

Amazon Creates Space for Part-Time Jobs

Earlier in June 2019, the network was limited to 3 cities, but in June 2020 the programs have now reached 35 cities. The growth has created thousands of incentives for part-time jobs for people in metro cities and non-metro cities. Because consumers around the country are looking at a home for a safe supply of products. In this pandemic time, they typically stay indoors and prefer online delivery.

Hence Amazon Flex program has further increased the delivery capacity of the company in such a situation. The initiative has provided incentives for teachers, housewives and individuals. They want to boost their income by delivering the e-commerce orders in their spare time since its introduction. People interested in doing this research that signs up for more details may visit https:/

Prakash Rochlani, director of the e-commerce India’s Last Mile Transportation, said we received an excellent response. It is from thousands of people last year to the e-commerce Flex programme. As they have gained from the e-commerce customers shipping. While the nation is still recovering in its spare time from the pandemic the e-commerce flex partners are receiving part-time.

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