Actress Kangana Ranaut Expresses Anger on Hrithik Roshan

The fight between Bollywood actress Hrithik Roshan and actress Kangana Ranaut in B-Town has been going on for several years. Kangana often sees attacking Hrithik and at the same time, the actor flees in Kangana ‘s name as well. Since the suspect affair announced the two stars have been facing to face with each other. The actress has once again spoken about Hrithik in such a situation that she may be able to sleep after listening to her.

Recently, Kangana Ranaut told in an interview about her journey, saying she’d heard the ‘money greedy’ tag because of one of her X’s. But he’s proud today that he’s got his own house in Mumbai, a luxurious office while living in an X rented house whose rent his father pays. In the interview, Kangana Ranaut said she feels very happy when she sees her journey. When she started she would tell she didn’t have any physical ambitions.

But just a few years back, when she dispute with one of her own X (Hrithik Roshan) and then a legal battle ensues, the actress admits that it becomes a problem at that time that she was a small-town girl, behind the money she runs. Kangana Ranaut then adds girls judged on what basis. The actress says she does not look at money as a woman. Yet from the outsider’s viewpoint it was shown that she is a little town girl looking for gold. It adds so ugly it could change your life. After this, the material stuff happened.

Kangana further says she can happily claim. This is today that her X lives in a rented house paid for by her father. Whereas with his hard work he had made his home and office in Mumbai. It gives them the courage that perhaps now I’m going to get equality in society. Also, adds she is not here for money it’s behind anyone. The actress didn’t know how she could justify it even though it didn’t.

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