A Black Activist Killed by a White Bar Owner in Omaha

A white bar owner shot a black activist after a confrontation broke out during demonstrations in Omaha, Nebraska over the weekend. The county attorney said the gunman would not face charges even though he was “defending himself.” James Scurlock, 22, was killed around midnight Saturday by Jacob Gardner, the owner of the Hive Bar and Gatsby Bar in Omaha’s Old Market neighbourhood, in the wake of demonstrations against police brutality and the death of George Floyd. The Douglas County Attorney’s Office concluded that after questioning the gunman and studying footage from the incident, Gardner acted in self-defence.

The incident accompanied an altercation concerning Gardner ‘s father. He had pushed several protesters telling them to leave the bar, as per prosecutors. A grainy surveillance video of the shooting played during the briefing. It reveals that after two men tackled him in the street, Gardner backed up and pointed a pistol. Initially, he fired two shots into the air that reached neither. After Scurlock jumped on his back, Kleine said that Gardner could be heard saying “get off me” several times before fatally shooting Scurlock in the clavicle once. Scurlock was rushed from his injury to a nearby hospital where he died.

Gardner takes into custody by police and releases on Sunday. Prosecutors say he does have a concealed carry permit that has expired. Officials put a curfew on Omaha following the attack, and National Guard troops mobilize to assist local police. According to The Associated Press, tear gas once again uses to disperse a crowd of demonstrators. It is after curfew Sunday night, despite few vandalism and crime issues. Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts encouraged demonstrators to stay peaceful. It is at a press conference on Monday and expressed his support for Kleine.

Senator Expressed their Grief

Senator Justin Wayne of the State of Nebraska, speaking on behalf of the Scurlock family, condemned the decision Monday.

Scurlock ‘s uncle, Nicholas Harden, state that the loss is particularly devastating because Scurlock ‘s daughter is newborn.

In the event, the family called for further investigation and also urged demonstrators to remain peaceful. It is saying they do not want to use the name of Scurlock as an excuse for violence.

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